Best Free VPN For PUBG Mobile & PUBG Lite India Apk/iOS

Best Free VPN for PUBG Mobile & PUBG Lite India Apk/iOS: As we all know, PUBG is the most famous as well as the most interesting game of this 21st century. It is increasing its fame day by day and is known to be played by masses and teenagers. It has many features apart from being very fantabulous and interesting to be played. Apart from allowing the teenagers to have a platform to play the game it also lets them socialize via its chat system which was inbuilt in it. Recently in this global village, due to its socializing factor, certain safety issues have been coming up and therefore people who are lovers of PUBG are trying to find a VPN in order to surf and play the PUBG game in a very secure manner.

PUBG due to its insecure safety has been banned by various countries including Pakistan India and Nepal. The Pakistan government along with Pakistan telecommunication Authority had declared to ban PUBG. This far-fetched shooting game had ballooned popularity along with millions of teenagers addicted to it.

Best Free VPN For PUBG Mobile

If a PUBG lover is found to be in Pakistan, in India, or any place when the PUBG game has been banned then he or she can play this game in certain ways and by the use of VPN. It’s good to be provided with a place where you are staying by switching on your residence location and use certain genuine VPNs in order to play the game.

Now staying in India and playing PUBG is also not a problem as there are many methods in order to access their favorite game. It is therefore the help of the right VPN provider which connects the whole teenager family in order to play the game. You must take care that all your connections are secure and without any kind of vulnerability. Have a complete air of protection while playing the game. Take up quality and the correct VPN while installing it.

People who do not have a high range smartphone did not worry as PUBG provides its lovers with an alternative too. There is PUBG Lite which acts as a boon for the lower range mobile phones. It also works in a low ram power smartphone and thereby it is also blocked in many places. If you want to work on PUBG Lite and play the game, you will have to search out for a quality PUBG VPN that would unblock the PUBG Lite mobile.

Best Free VPN For PUBG Mobile

The VPN actually helps to unblock these government blocked sites and helps us to play the game. In order to have a secure play VPN comes as a boon in our life. Although all VPN cannot prevent dangers and provide us with full safety. But many VPNs which have a high quality can protect us and safeguard us from all kind of dangers. Using a VPN is not mandatory but it helps us with safety and therefore it is a better option to use a VPN.


This VPN is a feature boosted VPN as it contains all the services that a VPN could give to its users. It is not only a fast VPN in order to withstand the mobile lagging issue that might occur in the PUBG game.

Nord VPN stands as the first priority among PUBG users as it not only unblocks PUBG Lite but also allows people to access globally restricted content. Therefore, for its highly fast running speed, a platform where People could view thousands of videos, and for giving access to around six connections that would simultaneously run on six different devices at the same time, this VPN stands over 5000 servers in above more than 50 countries.

It has a number of features with an encryption of 256 bits. It also blocks the ads and has IPv6 leak protection. Acting as a malware scanner, it allows meshing through various restricted websites. It has a zero log system.

When we talk about the payment in this VPN, we get to know that it is a free VPN and it also has some subscriptions. Although it provides a free trial along with complete money back within 30 days if the customer is not satisfied. A 24-hour customer care team is provided with this VPN. One can install this on many software is including macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, and also on the routers.

It has strong security and it completely is reliable in maintaining the privacy of the user. The no-log policy along with high-speed download without buffering is a very important fact of this VPN.


Like the Nord VPN, it is also, a very reliable VPN. It also provides a zero-log facility along with the fastest streaming speed.

Being an automatic VPN, its fast stream and connectivity power makes it stand above 3000 servers in more than 95 countries at a time. The most attractive feature of it is the unlimited bandwidth that it provides to its users. With 256-bit military-grade encryption, it provides a platform to connect to about five devices at the same time. It refrains from leaking privacy against IPv6, DNS.

As it is reliable, it allows to keep your privacy and thereby even accept payments through all the online modes including bitcoin. It has zero lag policy and in the same manner, provides 24-hour customer care support. The agents can contact you via Chat or telephonic call. It can work on various software is including Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, and also on the routers.

With unlimited bandwidth, its Killswitch locks the whole network and maintains reliability. There is no log policy along with a split tunneling feature which makes it to be present at 160 server locations.

PUBG Mobile VyprVPN

No involvement of a third-party server is present in such kind of VPN and thereby it is the safest VPN that a person can use. Like all other VPNs, it stretches its features from allowing a person to experience the fastest driving speed without any kind of interruption and providing the best encryption possible to its user.

As it unlocks PUBG and allows its servers to maintain itself automatically VyprVPN provides an uninterrupted Play which makes it stands over 700 servers in not less than 72 locations at the same time.

 VyprVPN works on three devices at the same time and also runs on various router along with Wi-Fi networks. Being a trustworthy VPN network, it exhibits the chameleon protocol which stands all the restrictions or obstacles in the pathway. With super fast streaming speed, it works on a higher range of mobile. The software is in which the apps of this VPN a present is Windows, Mac, Android, and routers.


Being a very simple VPN, it is one of the most protective encrypted VPN that provides 256-bit encryption and refrains from IP V6 and DNS leakage. With its inbuilt Killswitch, it keeps the data of the users in a very secure manner and allows up to 3 to5 simultaneous servers at different devices at the same time.

It is a very fast-loading VPN with no logs in order to stream the restricted content along with Hulu. Being a zero-lag VPN, it is provided in the mode of apps in certain software is including macOS, iOS, Android devices, routers.

It also has customer care support in the form of chat and provides 24×7 customer care support. With its uninterrupted speed and unmetered connectivity power, it stands over 1300 servers in more than 70+ countries at the same time.

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PUBG Surfshark

An amazing VPN with an interrupted streaming speed along with no bandwidth limit. it is one of the best free VPN that a person can have.

With 256-bit encryption along with leakage protection against DNS and IP V6, this VPN provides the best safety to the user possible. It will not hamper your identity as it will present you to be an anonymous being with its Killswitch facility.

Like all other VPN is it also has a zero log facility in your data and lets you access to all the internet restricted areas. It is a free VPN but also has some Subscriptions that one can pay with the help of bitcoins or cryptocurrency to be anonymous.

The whole customer care team is available all the time and it also provides the feature a free browser extension. With all these extraordinary features it stands over 1000 servers in more than 55+ locations at the same time.

The software which contains apps for this VPN is macOS, Linux, Windows, iOS, and routers.

So, all these VPNs, provide a great platform in the global village in order to access the whole internet restricted area and also enjoy the gaming of PUBG online. The VPNs are free of cost and one can easily afford them in order to upgrade the level.

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