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Delhi Curfew ePass: In order to curb the covid second wave the Delhi government on 10th May extended the lockdown by one week now the lockdown in the state will be applicable till 17th May 2021. But during this lockdown person who is associated with essentials services is exempted but for their movement, such people need to generate an E pass which they can generate online. In this article, you will get the details about the process of the e-pass, and the details of the Delhi e-pass.

Update: As per the announcement of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced the extension of the lockdown till 17th May 2021

About Delhi Curfew ePass

The Delhi E-pass allotted to those who come on the below list which is updated as per the notification of the government. The government release this emergency pass, so that movement of the people reduces. And this pass is given to those who actually needed to be in their profession to save the people from this situation by providing services. And the government urges the people, only if necessary then only you can take steps outside from your house, or else you can stay at your home as if “Jaan hai to Jahan Hai.”

Delhi Curfew e-Pass

Why E-pass Implemented?

The Delhi curfew was started on Sunday because of widely spread of covid-19. Earlier the government decided to lockdown for six days which was started on 19th April to 26th April, but later on, it was extended till 17th May 2021. The announcement of lockdown was made by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi because as the case raises in Delhi so the government decided to shut down the whole of Delhi. If you see the cases of 24th April 2021 around 3, 50,000+ cases came which literally shook the government.

Today state is going through a critical phase, so everyone should take responsibility from their own. In these conditions also government allow some of the professional workers, which actually people need them like healthcare workers, etc. For those who need an e-pass, in this article, you will get to know about how you will get the e-pass to travel, and to whom it is allotted.

People Who can Travel through Delhi Curfew ePass

As you know the movement of people outside form their houses is now prohibited, but there are some people who can travel to Delhi by using the e-pass. These are the following who can travel inside Delhi:

a) The shopkeepers who are dealing with food items, groceries, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, milk booths, animal fodder, medicines, medical equipment, newspaper distributors, meat and fish, pharma people, these are people who are dealing with food items or daily basic needs of everyday life.

b) The people whose work related to bank, Insurance department, ATMs, stocks related work, all these professional workers at any point of time can be useful for the people.

c) People who are doing work in the Telecommunication company, Internet providers or working in the department of Broadcasting and cable services or work related to the IT services.

d) There are most of the people who are working in the field of Delivery and provide services door to door such as food and medicines delivery, and other essential items.

e) All the petrol pumps, LPG, gas retail, CNG, and petroleum and storage outlets. Water supply, Power generation, transmission, and distribution units and services, all these are open.

f) People who attached to the services related to the Cold storage services and warehouse services can also apply for an e-pass to travel.

g) People who are working in the private security services in any company and manufacturing units commodities.

h) All those Manufacturing units who require daily processing.

i) Some of the religious places are also open, but the footfall of anybody is not allowed by the government.

Public Transport which are allowed to travel through E-pass

Here in this section you can get to know about that what are the public transport are moving around:

i) Delhi metro, public buses are running with the 50 percent capacity of seating

ii) Gramin Sewa, Auto, taxis, Phat Sewa, and e- rickshaws, are also allowed to move but less on the capacity, two people are allowed in that public transport

iii) Five passengers are allowed in a Maxi cabs.

iv) Eleven passengers are allowed in RTV .

Documents Required In Delhi E-pass

There are some documents which are required to Delhi E-pass:

  • Upload the Government Id proof,
  • Employee Id proof

Note: The size of documents should be 4MB.

How I can apply for Delhi E-pass?

To control the spread of the Covid-19 virus government has taken some of the major steps for the safety of the people. Earlier the government has decided to lockdown for only six days, but later on, when they found that the situation is not good as they are expected then they tend to extend the lockdown duration till 3rd May 2021.

In the section, you will get the process of how you can apply for the E-pass to travel easily from your home. The detail is given below:

Step I: All the eligible candidate must visit the Delhi government official website,

Step II: On the home page you need to click on the E-pass for Night Curfew From 10 pm to 5 am and weekend curfew.

e-pass Delhi

Step III: After clicking on the link, you need to choose the language in which you are comfortable, Click and move forward.

Step IV: Now choose the e-pass for travel during curfew, and click on the submit option,

Step V: On the next page Instruction will display on your screen, read the instruction carefully and start filling the form

Step VI: Now fill the form, enter the following details:

  • Contact
  • Number of Applicant
  • District
  • Address of Office
  • types of Service
  • From date
  • Till Date
  • From Time
  • To Time

Step VII: Upload Government Id proof, and employee Id proof

Step VIII: Tick on the disclaimer form, and submit it.

After submission of the Application form, you will receive an SMS on the number you entered, the E-pass number will be generated. Note down that number for future reference.

Note: The E-pass is valid till 17th May 2021

How To check the online Status of the Delhi Emergency pass?

Once you apply for the E-pass you can also check the status of the E-pass online by following the process:

  • Visit the official site of the Delhi govt,
  • Click on the E-pass
  • On the next page, you have to choose the language,
  • Click on the Check Status
  • Once you click on the Check Status,
  • Now enter the ePass ID number,
  • And click on the Check Status
  • The updated status will come on the screen.
Application Form of E-passFill from Here
Check E pass Status OnlineCheck From Here
Official web portal For EpassClick Here

Delhi Curfew ePass- Frequently Asked Questions

Is the date of the lockdown extend or soon the government remove this lockdown?

If you see the situation, on a daily basis cases are rises tremendously, so it is the possibility that the date of the lockdown will be extended after 3rd May 2021.

Why government released this E-pass?

The government released the e-pass to reduce the movement of the people unnecessary, now only those people can travel who have this pass.

What is the current status of the lockdown?

The night curfew is still running, along with the curfew, the government extended the date of Lock down i.e. May 3, 2021.

What is the official site from which I can apply for Delhi E-pass?

The official we portal of the Delhi e-pass is  EPASS.JANTASAMVAD.ORG. 

Do applicant need to upload any documents?

Yes, while applying for E-Pass applicant need to upload its Employee and office ID

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