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Maharashtra E pass: The Maharashtra Police E-pass was introduced in the State Maharashtra, because of the covid pandemic. As we know the whole country is going through this harsh time, and Maharashtra is also one of those states, in which the spread of covid viruses is increasing day by day and because of the increased cases of the Covid patient, the government has to implement lockdown and shut down the whole state to save the life of the people.

In this situation government only some of the professional-based people, are allowed to go to their workplaces. But they need an e-pass to travel inter-state and inter-district of Maharashtra, so in this article, you will get the information, how you will get the emergency pass easily by using the online portal. Scroll down the page and get full information about the Emergency pass of Maharashtra.

Maharashtra Police E-pass

About Maharashtra E-pass

In order to decrease the spreading of the covid in the state, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra announced the complete lockdown in all the districts of Maharashtra. Even though the new rule about the night curfew also comes into the role, in which the from 22nd April 2021 to 31st May 2021, the movement of the people totally restricted into the city especially in b/w of 8 pm to 7 am. It is an extreme emergency situation all over the country, day by day the number of cases as well as the death rate increases. It is better for all of us to stay in our home and only in the most emergency situation step out.

The Mumbai police reintroduced the e-pass for the people who want to travel inter-state and inter-district in a very extreme emergency situation. As per the announcement by PRO S Chaitanya, people can travel only in an emergency situation by using the E-pass. Those who need an e-pass either can apply online or they can visit the nearest Police situation for the Emergency pass.

Who can apply for the Maharashtra E-pass?

The Maharashtra state introduced this pass for an emergency situation, so only those people can apply for the pass who have any emergency like death, marriage, etc. And is applicable to all the citizens of Maharashtra.

Exclusion From Maharashtra E-pass

There is no need to apply for an emergency pass who is in the essential services provider, like medical professional, etc. But they implement the new system of the color-coded vehicles in which the color code will be in the vehicle according to their services.

Vehicle Color Code System in Maharashtra

This color code system is implemented for those who have in the essential service they have to put sticker according to their profession. The details of the sticker are given in the below block:

i) Those who services related to the medical profession either a nurse or doctor or anyone who is working in the hospital, use Red stickers on the vehicle.

ii) Those whose work related to food, grocery, fruits, vegetable, can use a Green color sticker on their vehicle.

iii) All those who are in the essential services of government or press or media. They can apply the yellow sticker to their vehicle.

Guidelines Applicable for Maharashtra E-pass

Anyone who fall in the above category can stick the sticker on their vehicle and travel.

There are some of the features which are applicable for the Maharashtra Emergency pass. So before applying for the E-pass first go through the below-given guidelines:

i) The District Superintendent of Police Office and the Zonal Deputy Commissioner is having the authority to approve or reject the E-pass in your city.

ii) Anyone can apply for the emergency pass via the online portal to travel inter-state and inter District.

iii) It is important for the applicant must fill the form correctly and carefully and then after submit.

iv) All the required documents must be in the single file which you need to be uploaded on the portal.

v) Once you submit the application form token No. will appear on the screen, note it down to track the status of the application form.

vi) Emergency pass contains the details of your Vehicle number, pass validity, and a QR code.

vii) While traveling Inter-state or Inter-District you have to keep either a hard or soft copy of the E-pass and whenever asked you have to show it.

viii) People who misused the E-pass or use it after the expiration of the pass or using the E-pass without any legal authorization, that person will be booked under a punishable offense.

ix) The photograph you will upload on the official portal its size should not be more than 200 KB. And the size of all the other required documents should not be more than 1 MB.

x) The application form of the Maharashtra E-pass will be filled in English, no other languages.

Apply Online for Maharashtra Emergency Pass

Only those people can apply for the E-pass who genuinely need the pass to travel. Otherwise, it is advisable for all people to not roam outside unnecessarily. People who want to apply for the Emergency pass can follow the below:

i) To apply for the E-pass candidate must visit the,

ii) And then apply for the Travel pass, by clicking to the option of Apply For Pass

iii) Once you click on the option, a new window will open on your screen

Maharashtra E-pass

iv) On that page, firstly you have to select whether you want to travel outside Maharashtra or not and submit your choice.

v) After that you have to fill the form and fill the following details:

Select DistrictApplicant NameEnter the date
Mobile numberSelect the option of Travel typeEnter brief reason, why you want to travel
Select type of VehicleEnter vehicle NumberEnter present address
E-mail AddressChoose the Starting point of the destinationChoose the destination where you want to go
Enter the address of destinationNo. of travelers Answer some of the questions

vi) Upload all the relevant documents which are as follows:

  • Medical Report
  • valid Organization Documents
  • Company ID
  • Essential service letter
  • Upload your photograph

vii) After entering all the details, click on the submit option

Now your request has been submitted, the applicant has to wait for the approval of the application form. After the approval you can easily download the E-pass, you can use it either hard or soft copy.

Maharashtra E-pass application form

Apply Offline For Maharashtra E-pass

You can also apply for the Maharashtra e-pass offline, for that, you have to visit the nearest Police station. Where you have to fill the application form and submit it to the police station along with all the required documents. In which you have to submit the medical report, company ID, photographs, ID proof, etc. and after the approval of the application you can get your E-pass.

How to track the Application Form of Maharashtra E-pass?

After filling the application form you can track the application form very easily, by using the below mention method:

IVisit the official site of COVID E-Pass for Inter-State And Inter-District Travel
IINow click on the Check Status
IIIOnce you click on the option, the new tap will open on your screen
IV.On that, you need to enter Token ID and click on the submit option
v.The Status will be displayed on your screen.
Maharashtra E-pass status

Download the Maharashtra Emergency Pass

For downloading the e-pass from the Maharashtra official site of the COVID E-Pass for Inter-State And Inter-District Travel you need to tap on the download e-pass option. After that new window will open, now enter the Token Id no. and download the E-pass of Inter-state and Interdistrict of Maharashtra.

Who will approved the Maharashtra Curfew Emergency Pass?

Each and every application of the Emergency pass will go to the Zonal Deputy Commissioner of Maharashtra or to the District Superintendent of Police. Both had full right to reject or approve the application form, it depends on the reason behind it. In case if the authority rejects the application form, they can mention the reason for rejection. And they also try to respond to each and application form as soon as possible.

Apply for E-passVisit Here
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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not medical professional, am I eligible for the Maharashtra E-pass?

Yes, anyone can apply for the e-pass but only in genuine emergency situation.

Is there any other provision for essential services worker for travelling?

Yes, for those who are working with any essential service provider, the government implements the color-coded system for them. For more information, you can read the above article.

What are the documents needed to submit in the E-pass of the Maharashtra?

Documents such as medical test report, Company Id proof, or any valid government Id proof, and the photographs.

For how many days the E-pass is valid in Maharashtra?

Till 1st May 2021, the emergency pass is valid in Maharashtra, for further notice of the government authority.

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